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MbearheadC Things

1Things you would say to Elvis, if he was alive today.
2Things you shouldn't throw off a building.
3Things grownups wish they could still do.
4Things you shouldn't do in public.
5Things you shouldn't play catch with.
7Things you shouldn't lick.
8Things you would rather forget.
9Things you shouldn't swallow.
11Things you wouldn't do for a million dollars.
12Things your parents forgot to tell.
13Things you don't want to find in your bed.
14Things people do when no one is looking.
15Things cannibals think about while dining.
16Things that are harder than they look.
17Things you shouldn't say to your inlaws.
18Things you would do if you were a giant.
19Things you shouldn't tie to the roof of your car.
20Things not to tell your mother.
21Things dogs are actually saying when they bark.
22Things you can never find.
23Things you wouldn't want to be allergic to.
24Things that make you uncomfortable.
25Things you wouldn't want to do in cemetery.
26Things that would be fun to do in an elevator.
27Things not to do in a hospital.
28Things put in your mouth only very cautiously.
29Things that smell terrible.
30Things your parents would kill you for.
31Things you shouldn't say when trying to make a good impression.
32Things you shouldn't wear to a wedding.
33Things you shouldn't attempt to juggle.
34Things you shouldn't do when naked.
35Things that confirm your life is going downhill.
36Things that would keep you out of heaven.
37Things that shouldn't be passed from one generation to the next.
38Things paramedics shouldn't say to a patient on the way to the hospital.
39Things you would ask a psychic.
40Things you shouldn't do with glue.
41Things you might find in a library.
42Things you should not say in an elevator.
43Things that you can do with your left hand.
44Things you should not photocopy.
46Things that everyone should know about Chuck Norris.
47Things that they really should have taught us in school.
48Things you will discover in the forthcoming "Where is Waldo" unofficial documentary.
49Things Mr. Hooper did with Big Bird after the store closed.
50Things found in the original Waldorf Salad, but were removed in the final recipe.
51Things that would be fun to throw off of a building.
52Things not to post on Facebook.
54Things you do not expect to see when "good" squares off against "evil".
55Things you do not want to hear from your mechanic.
56Things you would not be surprised to find in a hockey changeroom.
57Things we might see in Star Wars episode X (ten).
69Things you shouldn't do with your underwear.
70Things you do not want to see in the washroom.
72Things we don't expect to see in the news.
73Things you might say at a public demonstration.
74Things grandmothers say..
75Things at a bonfire.
76Things in your bedroom closet.
79Things on a sidewalk.
80Things in your car glovebox.
81Things you can wear on your head.
82Things we are all thinking at a party.
83Things you should not do at the Olympics.
84Things at a dinner party.
85Things you wish you had done in high school.
86Things that are pure evil.
87Things a vacuum cleaner would say if it could talk.
88Things that are rather embarassing.
89Things you might say to a bully.
91Things that happen in a high school teacher's lounge.
92Things you do on your lunch break.
93Things people say about kittens.
94Things you shouldn't say going through security at the airport.
96Things kittens say about humans.
98Things adults might tell their old grade 5 teacher in a carefully crafted letter.
100Things Indiana Jones might do at a mall.
101Things people say when they call in to a radio station.
102Things teenagers did in the 1980s.
103Things that go well with peanutbutter.
105Things that are green and a little bit obnoxious.
106Things people eat, then regret afterwards.
107Things football players say.
108Things annoying people say.
110Things people say when they are vomitting.
112Things in a woman's purse.
113Things in a man's handbag or "murse".
114Things basketball players say to the media.
115Things volleyball players do.
116Things you shouldn't stuff into a air rifle.
117Things in a romance novel.
118Things you would not expect in a Charles Dickens novel.
119Things for which there is no emoji or emoticon...(but you wish there was) 😀.
120Things people should not put in a university entrance application essay..
testThings you shouldn't play catch with.
thisisteThings people should not put in a university entrance application essay..
whateverThings you would say to Elvis, if he was alive today.
RockyThings on a sidewalk.
FinniganThings people do when no one is looking.
Test4Things you shouldn't say going through security at the airport.
test2Things you can wear on your head.
testThings you wouldn't want to do in cemetery.

(test) Things (0 of responses.)

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