MOC #33
Jan 25 - 28, 2018
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News 2013

Nov 10/13
When is MOC? What is that haiku again?:

   Last Saturday in January,
   Snow and ice,
   The sound of friendship.
(LOG IN to re-live the video of Matt and Doug discussing the haiku in their local pub)

Jan 27/13
Lost your 25th Special Edition DVD?:
Not to worry, it has now been archived for convenient on-line viewing. This fall Eric said he had asked a coworker to help him with something for MOC. Yet, for some odd reason, said coworker was not amply motivated for the task. Stange but true. Anyhoo, Eric said he needed a way to impress upon this fellow, the spirit of MOC. While it may be too late for Eric this time around, there is no need for this to ever happen again. Though the video is not public on Youtube, you can share out the link to select people. Once you LOG IN you will see the video. Enjoy. Hey wait a sec! Is this whole co-worker thing a clue to the big surprise?!
Jamie: Round about 14:28 in the video, the wheels come off the wagon.

Jan 25/13
Brothers promise big surprise!:
The brothers "P" have something new for MOC this year that is going to change the way we look at MOC. How big? Apparently it is, "bigger than the NHL and NHLPA coming to an agreement"...bigger than "Jabba". This is perhaps the most closely guarded secret in the history of MOC - Motherhen doesn't even know. Will it surpass the the infamy of the "Portal" Rock Band family of the 2000s or MOCtales of the 1990s. There is a tall order to be filled here, so let the speculation run rampant.
Jamie: Apparently they left the surprised rolled up in Dana's sleeping bag in Eric's car back at the carpool in Aurora. Which just means next year is going to be that much awesomer.
Timothy: MIB Huckleberry Hound Pez dispenser?

Jan 22/13
Weather report and outdoor curling?:
The long range weather report for MOC is seasonably cold. However, the remainder of this week promises to be extremely high on the nadsicle scale. Does this mean we will have a frozen bay for outdoor curling? Though it may seem like just yesterday that we curled on the lake it has been a while. Peek at how young you look in this video:

Jan 17/13
Doug's heater gets a workout?:
First, thanks again Doug for donating your heater and 100' extension cord (with reel) to the cottage. As usual, you go above and beyond. Your jokes about taking them back get funnier and funnier. As a token of thanks, why not put it to good use in the new insulated bunkie - (if anyone from the Township's a "shed")? I slept in the "Shed" new year's eve - an eve that dipped to -17C - with only one 1500 watt heater. On the bottom bunk the temperature was a balmy +4C at the 3am pee mark, and the loft +12C. The catch is, we have not actually seen your heater Doug. But if we do locate it, imagine how comfortable two heaters would make the "shed" for you and a few friends!
Jamie: I started to feel really badly about your kids. Then read the Bantha joke...laughed...little girls with bloody bantha guts all over their face crying for their daddy...and felt a whole lot better.
Douglas: Funny you should post this,Jamie. My furnace went out Sunday and we've been without heat for 3 days. A lack of electric space heaters has seriously affected the health of my children. Seriously, is my heater there? We may have to cut open a Bantha here and crawl into the guts to keep warm.

Jan 10/13
The invitation is not in the mail: Yes, there is another MOC wedding to which you are not invited. Is it your bathing cycle? Your slack-jawed etiquette? Find out at MOC.
Jamie: 50 minute slurred "best man" speech posting for Youtube pending...

Jan 2/13
Hunt the guest for real: Nev is "hunting the uninvited guest" that is cancer. Here is his blog.
Jamie: Despite all he is going through, there is a rumour Nev is coming to MOC...