MOC #33
Jan 25 - 28, 2018
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News 2014

Jan 16/14
The one time of year people actually respect the, "do not jump from bridge" sign.

Photo Memories
In response to the rumour that old MOC photos died along with MAE the old MOC web are back! Rob and Dana can work together to figure out how to navigate the photo section then share with the group...because teamwork is how we roll at "i" in Tiemwork, nosir...p.s. there's photos (click the menu).

Jan 12/14
Watch stealing deers; you have just been put on notice!

Revenge is a dish best served cold
We city folk might normally shudder at the site of a gracious beast turned nakedly into next week's supper; but this scene has a slightly different flavour to it. This is the deer that dared to steal Mark's watch. When the watch went missing at MOC 2012 it was all Rob could do to convince everyone he did indeed observe a rogue deer break into the cabin and pilfer the prized timepiece. Not one to abide by thievery, James set to tracking the culprit and after 18 months of painstaking huntsman tradecraft he found the loathsome animal. According to eyewitnesses, though the deer attempted a feint by using the watch's enormous crystal to reflect the sun into James' eyes, the hunter's jedi-like reflexes easily got the better of this forest criminal. In an ironic twist Chris has been hired by the family of the deer in a wrongful death suit against James and Mark - the latter, apparently for, "leaving the watch out in the open where anyone could steal it". Dana, in commenting about the case has suggested, "it is doubtful it will see the light of day".
Jamie: $%#@'! Jim he is still alive LOOKOUT!

Jan 9/14
When MOC fun goes up, food quality goes down and vice versa.

Food crisis hits MOC!
In the MOC world food was once king. But shockingly, members who strongly agree the food at MOC is "above average" is way down. What happened? Pundits are speculating it may have something to do with simultaneous increases in "fun", "expectations being met", and "stomachs hurting from laughing". Is it possible our attention is moving away from food, to simply having a good time? Is it possible to even de-couple fun and food? The media would have you believe the only way to be a complete human being is to have, "good food, good friends" (clink glasses, laugh jovially, smile at camera). Is it possible that so-so food and good friends may actually be the secret to a good male bonding weekend? What is more worrying is, if we again increase the overall quality of food will that erode our fun? Sober thoughts for you while you put together you meal plan...
Dana: Hey Rob, did you see my post for Saturday supper...thought I would mix things up a bit. Who is bringing ketchup? Fun is about to go down baby. p.s. this is Dana, not Jamie posing as Dana...really...Jamie wouldn't do that...
Robert: and how come my comments are listed as from ROBERT. that could really screw things up, if our comments are randomly reassigned to other Members.....
Robert: how come my comments about my saturday night meal wont show up?? who is in charge of this debacle?
Timothy: I had tons of fun, so they must be mediocre. Thanks Jame.
Jamie: I have been doing my part creating mediocre meals for several years, but I am not sure anyone even noticed...

Jan 7/14
Opening the lid on another year...

Well here it is, the post you have been waiting for. The one that kicks off the 2014 MOC season.
Jamie: Happy 2014 everyone! Thanks for the video Neil...fond memories.