Make Your Own Soccer Goal (Junior/Youth Size Net 12' X 6' X 4')
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This page provides do-it-yourself instructions for making your own backyard/front yard soccer goal.  I built one because my son decided he wanted to play keeper/goalie.  I built the second so the neighbourhood kids might play "pick-up" games.  Unfortunately, the second net hasn't seen much use...yet...for the time being, they still like to take shots on each other on one net only.  Regardless, the whole idea of course is to get the kids (young and old) playing outside.

Why make your own soccer goal/net?
Manufactured soccer nets are very expensive.  Those of use who live in Canada cannot buy from on-line places that sell the relatively inexpensive soccer goals - that is, they do not ship to here (yet).  Our local soccer store quoted $1000 for a 12'X6'X4' goal with netting - but only $80 for the netting alone.  This gave me the inspiration to make my own.  There are two designs here that are both meant to be "portable" (light) not permanent - but be forewarned, they are NOT collapsible - you will need a place to store your net, so find that storage spot first?  These nets are very easy to move, but stay put when playing soccer.  They are also safer than a rigid goal - i.e., cemented-in steel poles.

Soccer goal minimal pipes. Soccer goal joint close-up soccer goal 2 soccer goal 2 from end Click image to
see large version.
Figure 1
Figure 2
joint and net
Figure 3
Figure 4
side view

total cost (triangular version) approx. $188*
total cost (rectangular version) approx. $226
build time approx. 2 hrs
materials list
Item Cost/Item "Triangular"
1 1/2" X 6'  ABS pipe $7 (4) $28 (10) $70
1 1/2" X 8'  ABS pipe $10 (3) $30 (1) $10
1 1/2"  ABS T connectors $4 (4) $16 (6) $24
1 1/2"  ABS 90 degree elbow connectors $4 (6) $24 (8) $32
ABS cement - smallest can $10 (1) $10 (1) $10
netting from local soccer store 12' X 6' X 4' (but see below) $80 (1) $80 (1) $80
TOTALS $188 $226
tools - hand saw
- measuring tape

How it is made
This is certainly not rocket science, this page is meant mostly as inspiration and to save you calculating your cuts - look closely at the images, particularly Figures 1 and 3.  As mentioned above, there are two designs.  One is simple and inexpensive, the other is more complicated and more pleasing to the eye, and has the bonus of slightly easier ball retrieval.

  1. Glue it with ABS cement (not dry fit only) -  if you think you can dry fit it and then "knock it down" when soccer is not in season you are in for a world of frustration.  Glue it.
  2. Securin the netting-  as you can see in figure 2 I used zip ties to fasten the net.  There are velco straps for nets that are very appropriate - I couldn't find any.  I wish I could have found black zip ties.
  3. Stake the base - I took some heavy guage wire and made 4 u-shaped "stakes" (Figure 3) to fasten the base down so it doesn't move when hit with a powerful shot.  This works better than I expected.
  4. Electric chop/mitre saw? - I tried making my cuts with an electric saw, but this caused melting (smoke, fumes etc) which the hand saw did not.  Hand saw is plenty fast.  Not much advantage to using electric saw - perfectly straight cuts not required.
  5. Cheaper netting? - there are cheaper ways to provide netting, but they are much more labour intensive - $80 is actually a good deal considering it is ready to go.
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